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Posted by David Pugh on December 21, 2014 at 12:30 PM

There’s great news for my friends the Jatta family in the Gambia. An old friend of Lucas’ has returned from a prosperous career in Canada and is now in a position to invest in the palm wine nature bar and land, that Lucas inherited from his father. Bab Jallow intends to bring electricity to the site, build a covered bantaba, the traditional style round meeting house, put in some proper tables, chairs and a kitchen, which will serve the campsite they are planning in the garden. The camp will have a proper Western style bathroom and toilet area, which should attract the growing number of backpackers and bikers who are visiting the Gambia. The site is next to a beautiful lagoon and about five minutes walk to the beach. Bab is also considering buying up the adjacent land to construct a jungle walk to the more cosmopolitan area of Senegambia. Bab’s future plans include building a bar and restaurant in this exclusive area, the overall development will be able to provide jobs for all members of the Jatta family. It will also bring in funds to finally rebuild Elizabeth, Lucas’ sister house, which was destroyed by flood about eight years ago. When the house is finished Elizabeth plans to offer homestays in the compound for those who want to experience a slice of real African township life. Bab is also planning to ensure that all of Lucas’ children receive the best possible education and is already going to send George to an American university, so that he can return with a useful degree. In the meantime George and I along with a young German businessman are continuing with the plan to take tourists to Guinea Bissau and Senegal.

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Flood destroys Jatta home in the Gambia, West Africa.

Elizabeth Jatta's house was destroyed by flooding in 2009.  It was a lovely mud brick home but without electricity, now they live in a zinc shed.  She finds it impossible to visit her family home in Guinea Bissau.  Bus Fare would like to give her the opportunity to travel back to her home village.  If we were to send her the fare, she would spend it on the house but it is nice to give people the option.