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Ended: February 22, 2015

We're setting up a new project in the Gambia to help fund a new sheme.

I've only been working on the African Jungle skills project for about three weeks. I was having conversations with Bhuwan in Rishikesh, as to how I could set up a business to allow my friends in the Gambia earn a better living, when I had a rather obvious revelation. Bear Grylls is extremely popular in India and people are also aware of Ray Mears woodcraft skills. My friends in Guinea Bissau were born to these survival techniques, so why not give people the opportunity to learn directly from the people who live their lives in the woods. I have stayed in the village twice myself and I have never felt more alive and in touch with nature and the true values of a life free from clutter. We are only looking for about six people at the moment, to join a trial jungle skills program in Cassalol, Guinea Bissau. Details are on our prototype website http:/

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Helping in India, Nepal and West Africa.


  • "I love you so much, I have seeing your effort trying to help families like us and your friends in India, preparing this project to help neediest, no doubt you will get things ri..."
    George Jatta
    Kotu, The Gambia, West Africa


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Flood destroys Jatta home in the Gambia, West Africa.

Elizabeth Jatta's house was destroyed by flooding in 2009.  It was a lovely mud brick home but without electricity, now they live in a zinc shed.  She finds it impossible to visit her family home in Guinea Bissau.  Bus Fare would like to give her the opportunity to travel back to her home village.  If we were to send her the fare, she would spend it on the house but it is nice to give people the option.