Quotes I love you so much, I have seeing your effort trying to help families like us and your friends in India, preparing this project to help neediest, no doubt you will get things right. I love BUS FARE and reading it always Quotes
George Jatta
Kotu, The Gambia, West Africa

Quotes Arguably one of the, if not the, best of the modern Dan Dare artists, David Pugh has some work for sale and all for a good cause: Quotes
Comic Bits Online

Quotes David, speaking as a Yank who's a huge 2000 AD fan, I love your run on Slaine. It's evocative, very "organic" in its approach, and may be the run that most perfectly expressed the visceral violence inherent in the series. Quotes
Steve Bunche
Entertainment ronin & renaissance man.

Quotes Wow! What a collection. Thank goodness you were able to get this artwork back. Looking at it has brought back so many happy memories of times gone by. Sorry about the rejection in 1981. I've made up for it since then! The artwork looks fabulous! Quotes
Barrie Tomlinson
CEO Creative Editorial Services and former Eagle editor.

Quotes I will have to say that I am in awe of your constant energy and ambition to make a difference. If there were more people like yourself, then maybe the world would be in a far better's really inspirational to hear about 'third world' countries not in terms of GDP or IMF loans or whatever, but in terms of individuals, real people with real lives. I think that any charity that started to build itself around those kinds of stories would have a real chance of success. Quotes
Ben Heywood
Executive Director, The Soap Factory


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